Papers, ideas, thoughts and
everything going on


Desktop with open notepad

what it means to you


Wooden desktop with objects
your command post,
your project and reference files

Sort your Next Actions by Location

Take your one stepper next action pile. Have a look through them and see whether or not there are different location required to actually do them. For example, picking up things from the cleaners you would have to go out of the house. Emptying the waste paper baskets...

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YES, YES you got a heap of projects you want to do. Some of them have been sitting around in your mind for an awful long time. They must be projects, they CANNOT be a someday/maybe because they are important, for sure. A life and death matter. A.. ha. OK, now. Be...

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Transform your projects into doables

There is no need to sort your two steppers by location, they will also go on a list: your project list. To transform your two-steppers into doables we need to two things: FIRST we need to make a short pit stop with each, before they are allowed on the project list....

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