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YES, YES you got a heap of projects you want to do. Some of them have been sitting around in your mind for an awful long time. They must be projects, they CANNOT be a someday/maybe because they are important, for sure. A life and death matter. A.. ha. OK, now. Be realistic! I say it again. BE REALISTIC!

Have a look through your project pile. Do you really NEED to do all of these or is there quite a bit of wishful thinking included as well? Try do go through your project list and cull ruthlessly. We do want only those tasks in the project list, that you absolutely have to do currently. Once you got more control, you can include more tasks. See if you get your project lists reduces by 50% or at least one third.

Stick the taken out projects into the someday/maybe pile. They will not be lost, you can do them at a later date, the are just parked there for later review.