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Take your one stepper next action pile. Have a look through them and see whether or not there are different location required to actually do them.

For example, picking up things from the cleaners you would have to go out of the house. Emptying the waste paper baskets is done in or around the house. Some things can only be done in your home office (if you have one) and so forth.

Roughly sort your one stepper pile now in the different locations required. I have for example the categories: outside of house, Home office, living room, garden, elsewhere.

You have four or five piles now? Good. Now have a quick scan through each of these piles and identify task that can be done in less than 2 minutes. Put an asterix on this sheet. If you have time on your hand right now and are in the right location, you could just get these out of the way now. However, CAUTION!, we grossly underestimate how long things take, therefore be careful not to get bogged down with this and not finish the sorting tasks of this chapter.

For the takes-longer-than-2-minutes tasks: Get a sheet of paper for each pile and put the task on a list. So you would have a:

  • Next Action @outside of home list
  • Next Action @ living room list
  • Next Action @home office list

And so forth. Next time you go out of the house you just have a look at your Next Action@outside-of-home list and voila you can just widdle through what you need to get done there.

Do not waste your time in writing your less than 2 minute tasks on the list, but rather do them straight away or as soon as possible. Crumbling that paper after having finished them off is just bliss.