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There is no need to sort your two steppers by location, they will also go on a list: your project list.

To transform your two-steppers into doables we need to two things:

FIRST we need to make a short pit stop with each, before they are allowed on the project list.

Ask yourself, what is the outcome of the project, what would success mean?  Write that down on the project list. For example, you might have half-year report on your sheet of paper. Then you would write down on your project list: half-year report is handed in on time. Do this for all the sheets in your project list.

Ok, all your outcomes are on your project-outcome list now? It was a drag, yes I know. But once you got it, you do not ever need to do it again. Because it is there.

SECOND step: have a look at each project one by one and decide what the very next physical step is to move the project towards the goal you have written down.

For half-year report is handed in on time, the very next step might be, start research. However, start research is nothing you can do without needing to think about is further. How, where, what research. You need to define the very next concise next step.

This would be for example research internet for report keywords. Is that the very next step? Maybe you need to brainstorm which words you want to look up. So that would be your very next action step! Now that is concise and can be done without having to think about it further. That is what we want. Next action that can be done, even when you your brain is toast after a long day. You do your thinking now, so you do not have to do it later.

Ok, got the next physical action for your fist project defined? Good. Then now put it on the appropriate next action list, since we have now got a one stepper we can easily handle when looking at our next action lists. Do this with all your projects and then you have a current next action defined to move our projects along.